Carihi’s new honour board.

Athletic achievements honoured

Honour board recognizes sports teams for their accomplishments

Carihi’s newest infrastructure is pinned to the gym wall for athletes to look up to.

It’s an honour board, recognizing sports teams for their accomplishments, including placing at regional, provincial and national championships. It also lists alumni athletes that have gone on to achieve excellence in sport.

Many athletes at Carihi participating in one or more sports teams also succeed academically and in the arts, integrating the athletic community with the school and with other aspects of learning and achievement. Here’s what students had to say about the honour board, and the recognition of sport programs at Carihi.

“I think its important that athletes get recognized because they pour a lot of time and energy into fulfilling their goals. As athletes we have to make a lot of sacrifices with school or family and friends so its really encouraging when we get positive feedback,” says Renate Bluschke, a student who plays on Carihi’s basketball, volleyball and track teams, as well as participating in volleyball and track in the community. “Every other high school I’ve been to has had an honour board and I’ve always asked myself why Carihi didn’t have one. I think it’s really good that we are finally putting one up. I hope it will serve as a form of recognition for the hard working athletes Carihi has had over the years as well as an inspiration for our younger athletes coming in.”

Madison Ashcroft plays for Carihi’s senior girls soccer team and Comets community track team runner. She says,  “The vision I have for the honour board would be that people with records or placing won’t be forgotten, we’ll remember that those people came from Carihi and our little town. It will also be like a goal for some people, knowing that someone from a small town could make it big.”

Carihi alumni athlete and runner Brendan Hoff says he has felt the school and community’s support, and is thrilled local athletes will be better recognized for their successes.

“The honour board would mean a lot for the athletes that have worked very hard to achieve their goals and represented their school while competing,” Hoff says. “In my mind I feel like the band program and musical theatre program hasn’t been recognized enough for some of the amazing work they have done and produced. I’m very grateful for how much support Carihi has given over the years. They have recognized many of my great achievements and I’m very proud I was able to represent my school and home town for my first two years of high school.”