All manner of human-powered watercraft will make the trip across Discovery Passage between Campbell River and a welcome at Cape Mudge.

Annual passage across the Passage returns

Challenge yourself on our tidal waters and meet our Cape Mudge Village neighbours in a traditional welcome ceremony

Its time once again for the Discovery Passage Passage.

Aug. 16 is a once-a-year opportunity for Campbell Riverites and visitors to challenge the great Discovery Passage. This is the eighth year of this annual event, paddling from Campbell River to Cape Mudge village in all manner of human-powered watercraft.

Challenge yourself on our tidal waters and meet our Cape Mudge Village neighbours in a traditional welcome ceremony. Once again, the Coast Guard and Campbell River yacht club will be on hand to maintain safety.

This is a free and family-oriented event. The rules are simple; no fees, no prizes and no motors and you must wear a personal safety device. If you live here, this is an essential local experience. If you are a visitor, this is an opportunity to participate in a fun event with historic roots.

Thousands of years after man crossed the Bering Sea Land Bridge, the Pacific Coast was the route of the southward migration to inhabit North America.

What we now call Discovery Passage was certainly part of that southward migration route.

First Nations traveled this route for thousands of years before Captains Cook and Vancouver sailed here. Long before the first settlement by Europeans on Vancouver Island, people crossed from Quadra to the big island to fish the abundant waters of what we now call the Campbell River.

The Discovery Passage is part of an ancient historical trade and exploration route. It wasn’t untill 1960 that the vessel Quadra Queen began ferry service.

To participate, register online at the Discovery Passage Passage website which is  or call 250-830-4056  for more information.

Participants will gather at the parking lot next to the Government Wharf. Boats go in the water at 9 a.m. and push off all together at approximately 9:30 a.m. The paddle will take about 30 minutes to cross Discovery Passage.

There is a greeting ceremony on the water before paddlers go ashore.

You will be there approximately 25 minutes because the return to Campbell River is timed to the tidal patterns.