Ann Kask laces up for the Inca Trail.

Ann Kask taking on new challenge for Team Diabetes

She is trading in running shoes for hiking boots to hike the Inca Trail

If Ann Kask had run all of her marathon races in a row she would be in Calgary by now.

If her training runs were included, she would be well on her way back from Newfoundland. Instead she has run throughout the world.

Now, after running 12 42.2 k marathons with Team Diabetes, she is trading in running shoes for hiking boots to hike the Inca Trail with Team Diabetes. She will tackle the tortuous South American mountain path on August 24.

Team Diabetes is a national fundraising program for the Canadian Diabetes Association. Since the team’s beginning in 2000, members of Team Diabetes have raised over 30 million dollars for the Canadian Diabetes Association.

Kask has been a Team Diabetes member since 2002 and has raised close to $70,000 during that time.

Over nine million Canadians are living with diabetes or pre-diabetes.

“I became involved because a close family member has had Type 1 diabetes for 53 years,” said Kask. “I saw Team Diabetes as a way that I could help in the effort to find a cure, and make a difference.”

While the Canadian Diabetes Association searches for a cure, it tries to ensure that all Canadians living with diabetes have access to the information and resources they need to live healthy lives.

The results are evident locally. The CDA helps a camp for children with Type 1 diabetes at Camp Homewood on Quadra Island every year. Here young people living with Type 1 diabetes can learn how to manage their disease and gain independence through outdoor activities while a team of health professionals provide around the clock diabetes education and management.

In addition to children and youth, the CDA provides diabetes management information and programs to local adults to mitigate the long term complications of living with this chronic disease.

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