Students make their way to the ferry waiting room.

And then there’s the ferry

The last ferry that runs from Campbell River on weekdays is the 9:55 p.m., causing a lot of issues

Quadra students between the ages of 12-18 travel to school by ferry every day.

In spring of 2014, B.C. Ferries altered their schedule and it seems like people are still bitter, and having a tough time adjusting.

The last ferry that runs from Campbell River on weekdays is the 9:55 p.m., causing a lot of issues.

“My hockey games run later than the ferry so I miss out on a lot of the season,” says Max Bawks Smith.

Others find it hard to socialize, and late movies are out of the question.  “If I want to do anything in the evening I have to stay at a friend’s house which is fine but sometimes I think it would be easier to live in town,” Says Sophie Whittingham

After school , the ferry is still difficult for those that make the commute.  With only an eight-minute ride because of the obscure sailing times it takes kids up to an hour and a half to get home. Those with jobs suffer too.

“With the after school ferry run getting pushed back, it’s made me late for work every shift,” Smith says.

Sometimes you can miss a ferry by seconds and the waiting room doesn’t make for a fun place to kill an hour.

“I think they should get Wi-Fi in the waiting room so at night, kids don’t walk around the street in the dark waiting for the ferry. Instead they could just go in the waiting room and do their homework,” says Rhyanna Knoedler.

The revised schedule is tough; everyone’s days are planned around the ferry. The inconsistent times make it frustrating for everyone.

“I have to carry around a laminated schedule,” Sophie adds.

Everyone had the old schedule memorized, and now the weekend sailing are different too.

The inconvenient mode of transportation frustrates most, however, Mairi Marlow added an upside: “It is nice, you can relax when you get back on Quadra, leaving your stress behind in town.”

Although everyone had a negative comment about the ferry it didn’t affect their love for living on the island.