LETTER: Weaver fiddles while B.C.’s economic prospects burn

Skeena MLA warns of damage to B.C. investment from Green threats

  • Feb 6, 2018

Carpet bowlers have been excluded from BC 55+ Games and Canada 55+ Games

Gold medal carpet bowling winners not able to defend their titles in 2018

  • Jan 18, 2018

LETTERS: Plastic bags an ‘easy feel-good fix’

Bags have secondary uses, other problems more pressing

  • Jan 12, 2018
Carihi Pride flag raising
Tourism Kick-Off Day in Campbell River
New Canadians pitch in
Wine, Brews and Blues delivers the goods in Campbell River

‘Our government needs to hear our views’

Local director responds to criticism about his criticism

  • Dec 29, 2017

BC Hydro proud of what its achieved through community engagement, collaboration and support

I would like to respond to Neil Cameron’s Dec. 21 online opinion…

  • Dec 22, 2017

Why does the City of Campbell River insist on installing something that does not work?

I see that Council has instructed City Staff to immediately install stop…

  • Dec 19, 2017

LETTER: Proportional representation makes votes count

Fair Vote Canada representative responds to Tom Fletcher column

  • Dec 12, 2017

LETTER: I’m voting ‘yes’ to electoral reform

Tom Fletcher defends corporate-backed B.C. Liberals

  • Dec 7, 2017

How do we take action about our forest concerns?

I would like to thank you for publishing the article “No one…

  • Dec 6, 2017

Need I remind you of the definition of responsible?

It has become painfully obvious to me that some folks have little…

  • Nov 24, 2017

LETTER: Jumbo Valley is part of Ktunaxa territorial claim

Ktunaxa Nation Council responds to Tom Fletcher column

  • Nov 21, 2017

Referendum needed for Campbell River’s 3.5-acre waterfront project

I have to express my concern about the three-and-a-half-acre foreshore project. Mayor…

  • Nov 17, 2017

LETTER: First Nations defending their waters

Response to Tom Fletcher from salmon farm occupiers

  • Nov 6, 2017

No one seems to be interested in forestry policy any more

Re: Public Forests and RiverCity Many of us fairly new to Campbell…

  • Nov 6, 2017

Campbell River’s bus bench placement and advertising questioned

EDITOR’S NOTE: We received a copy of a letter sent to Mayor…

  • Oct 27, 2017

Reminiscing about my times with Dr. David Suzuki

Dear Dr. David Suzuki, I was reading awhile back that you are…

  • Oct 23, 2017

Not impressed with City of Campbell River’s snow clearing survey

I just finished answering a snow clearing survey sponsored by City Hall.…

  • Oct 19, 2017

Liabilities of a rapacious industry

Although climate change is a reality, our reliance on it to shrug off certain environmental changes is often overdone.

  • Oct 19, 2017

What about Campbell River’s post-earthquake preparedness?

Something comes to mind regarding the potential for flooding due to an…

  • Oct 19, 2017