It's too cold!

Cold weather solutions to keep your pet safe

It’s winter and it’s cold … the good news for pet owners is that the same precautions you take for yourself, also work for your pooch!

Black Press Media’s Impress Woofy’s TV hosts Virginia Shaw and Mandy Gola explain that even if your dog has a thick, heavy coat, they can still feel the chill. And just like you, they’re also susceptible to frostbite or hypothermia.

After all, ears and nose are still exposed and paws are in contact with the cold cement, ice or snow. Small dogs, short-hair dogs and senior dogs can also find it more difficult to regulate their body heat, so need a little extra help staying warm.

Pumping up the protein and fat in pets’ diets can help keep their coat healthy in winter.

You’ll also want to wipe their paws as ice, snow, salt, de-icer and toxic chemicals found in antifreeze can build up – materials that can be ingested when they lick their paws. And check paws for any cuts or abrasions, and consider picking up some salve for pads. Keeping the fur trimmed around the pads will also help prevent build-up.

If your pet starts whining or acting nervous, can’t stop shivering, has ice on its body or stops moving, wrap them in a blanket and bring them indoors. Frostbite signs can take longer to show up, so be sure to follow up with your vet.

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