Sundre, Alberta couple did not the miss the boat for salmon fishing

Deb Gogol fishing with Captain Ron. Photo supplied

Deb Gogol fishing with Captain Ron. Photo supplied

Whether you live in Campbell River or are now visiting, fishing activity brings back fishing memories from years gone by. The salmon are there, the weather is clear and warm and more people are coming to Campbell River on business or come to the city to enjoy getting out on the water.

The big difference this summer will be booking accommodations or even getting on a boat to go salmon fishing. You can’t expect to show up and expect to call up a guide and take a chance of getting a trip booked. A good rule of thumb is call ahead and see if anyone is available to get out and chase some salmon.

Rick Gogol and his wife were in Campbell River recently and they were looking for a guide to go fishing in the morning. I have a working relationship with a number of guides here in Campbell River and I knew the couple wanted to fish and not go watch whales. I mentioned to Rick it would be a shot in the dark but he connected with Ron Fife and they were on the water the next morning. For the month of August, you will see more people to Campbell River and just getting out and enjoying the weather and fishing in this area of Vancouver Island.

The pinks have arrived in low numbers and once we get closer to mid-month and maybe we get rain, fishing the pink fishery in the river systems will be a great way to cool off in the water and throw out some pink lures or flies. If you have no waders, no problem, the rivers are fish-able wearing shorts and just wearing a boot or wading shoe. The pinks are showing up at Rock Bay and north to Sayward but they will soon be here and so will the anglers.

The Upper Campbell will have the fly anglers out for catch and release and the Oyster River needs some water; rain is desperately needed. Salmon Point will be a great spot to watch the pinks arrive and beach fishing can be very popular with anglers of all fishing abilities.

Last week I made a trip to Roberts Lake where the south end is ideal to fish from shore or use a belly boat or inflatable boat. I explained to a friend of mine that when the wind dies down to watch for trout rising. The trout did show and getting a fly out is a great way to explore, enjoy the scenery and remember: No bait is to be used along with using a barb-less hook.

I am getting closer to announcing winter fly tying sessions for beginners but I will have an open house in September at a location to be announced within 2 weeks. Sessions are free to attend and there are prizes to be won. I have 3 locations on the radar screen and this year will be fun to get back behind the vise and meet some people who want to get out fishing and join us at the fly tying table.

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Rick Gogol fishing with Captain Ron. Photo supplied

Rick Gogol fishing with Captain Ron. Photo supplied