High unfishable water on the Salmon River. Don Daniels Photo

High unfishable water on the Salmon River. Don Daniels Photo

Local rivers are fishable but water levels will vary

Local rivers can go from low water to blown out conditions

The local rivers can go from low water to blown out conditions which means water levels are high and non fish-able. The river systems in the Campbell River area include Quinsam, Oyster, Salmon and the Campbell River. From the last week of September and into the first week of October the rains came and water levels in each river system increased.

Recently as I crossed the bridge over the Salmon River, the water was high and muddy and any fishing activity came to a standstill. Some rivers, the water level is controlled and other areas the upper pools colored up but fishing was continuing and the local salmon spawn had more fish coming in. If you are fishing local rivers, you must know what the regulations are and in most river systems signs are posted and there is the information available online.

I recently made my way to the Quinsam River but turned around as the parking area I usually visit was jam-packed with vehicles. Anglers will use floats, spinners, jigs and fly patterns to hook into coho, chum and trout. Hooks are single barb-less and no bait is allowed. Fly anglers are using egg patterns and in low water conditions a size six to 10 hook with a silver body and purple wing will get a trout, green and blue fly patterns are used for coho. Whichever way you fish, it is advised to not leave tackle boxes on the shore as they tend to be picked up and the gear is gone.

Local lakes can be fished well into the month of October and more rain is coming. I am not a fan of fishing in the rain but when the rain stops and wind dies down, it’s time to get out and watch for visual signs of trout moving into the shallows. From the shoreline, fish with worms or artificial bait like cheese or other smelly flavors that attract trout.

Fly patterns include woolly buggers, leech patterns and my favorite, a size six black body fly that resembles most things in the lake this time of year. Trout need cover food and will keep in the temperature zone but they will venture out and look for fly presentations that you throw out to them. Local lakes are stocked in spring and fall and the dates that new trout are coming to Echo is still to be determined but once I get confirmation from the trout hatchery in Duncan, I will have the trout stocking date here in the Fishing Corner.

The first fly tying session for beginners will be held Friday October 22 from 1 to 3 p.m. at the Seniors Centre in the Ironwood mall. All sessions are free to attend and will cater to those who want to learn the basic techniques of tying and is a great way to play with materials.

You will go home with enough information to get started with this activity, then tie up various patterns to go trout or salmon fishing in the Campbell River area. To attend, you will have to mask up and show your vaccine card. Sunday dates are yet to be determined.

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