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Fawlty Towers returns

Would you want a bath in your hotel room that wasn’t big enough to drown a mouse? Will Fawlty be going to have a flutter? Is there a new manager at Fawlty Towers named Watt and is there something wrong with him? The answers awaiting you at the upcoming 10th Anniversary Show presented by Antics Theatre. Fawlty towers - “Communication Problems” will be the show performed at the Dinner theatre.

Break out your Lego skills

t’s time to get ready for another Lego Day kids. In honour of Mayworks, an annual festival held each May to focus on Labour and the Arts, the Museum at Campbell River will host a Lego Day on Saturday, May 14, from 1-2:30 p.m.

Green Day tribute 21 Guns takes aim at Campbell River's Tidemark Theatre

Get ready for a night of Theatrics, Shenanigans and Live Green Day Music that is guaranteed to induce an intoxicating, high energy party atmosphere. 21 Guns have taken aim on the Tidemark Theatre in Campbell River.
Pat on the back

Pat on the back

Campbell Rivers Arts Council executive director Ken Blackburn has been given a provincial Arts Champion Award – one of only three given in the province this year by the BC Assembly of Arts Councils
Get outside and do some painting

Get outside and do some painting

Does the thought of painting en Plein Air make you nervous?

Bringing back Bruch: the Walbauer and Dowker violin/piano recital

Bach, Vivaldi, Kreisler Chopin, Bruch – bringing them all together, Blaine Waldbauer of Campbell River and Daniel Dowker have designed a stunning violin piano recital that is both ambitious and delightful.

Why you dirty rat – Carihi stages Bugsy Malone

Students at Carihi have been hard at work on this year’s Musical Production of Bugsy Malone, a musical comedy set in the 1920’s, spoofing the old gangster films of the times

Workshops focus on writing life

“...only he is an emancipated thinker who is not afraid to write foolish things.” – Anton Chekhov The Campbell River Arts Council is offering a unique opportunity for writers to attend a series of workshops with one of Canada’s finest young poets Matt Rader. Rader is offering the Arts Council a series based on the overall theme of Writing Life.

Intrigue and plot twists inhabit Veronica’s Room

Veronica’s Room begins in 1973, with an elderly couple who are so amazed that Susan looks exactly like long dead Veronica.
Fine arts concert to benefit Japan

Fine arts concert to benefit Japan

There’s more to providing relief than just fulfilling physical needs by raising money for emergency supplies.