Jeremy Fokkens finds inspiration in the captivating stories of his subjects’ lives.

Walk and talk art

Don’t miss the chance to enjoy an artist’s lecture by exhibiting photographer, Jeremy Fokkens

Calling all travel, photography and ceramics enthusiasts.

Don’t miss the chance to enjoy an artist’s lecture by exhibiting photographer, Jeremy Fokkens, and a walk ‘n’ talk exhibition tour with multi-media artist, Karlie King, on Thursday, Sept. 12 at 7:20 p.m. at the Campbell River Art Gallery.

Hailing from Calgary and Mervin, Saskatchewan, these two artists will be on hand in the gallery to give personal insight into their artistic processes and subject matter, and answer any other questions the viewing public may have.

As a classically-trained dancer turned professional photographer, Jeremy Fokkens’ photographs focus on human subjects and the natural aesthetics of the body and its surroundings. Having traveled the world in over 55 countries to date, Fokkens uses his camera as a tool to create a bond with each individual that he photographs.

This bond is evident in the striking black and white photographs of the people of Nepal and Bangladesh.

“I am curious as to how my subjects live and where they come from,” says Fokkens.

This curiosity extends to the imperfections and hardships of life, allowing Fokkens to communicate human stories in a truthful form. Using sharp, stimulating imagery with texture, depth and natural light, Fokkens shares captivating stories that inspire viewers on a social and personal level, while raising awareness of social issues, globalization, and world culture.

He uses photography to allow viewers to experience a place and time they might not otherwise encounter. Inspiration, gives visitors a glimpse into the lives and environments of the people of Nepal and Bangladesh, focusing on individual stories that inspire.

Meanwhile, Around Home, an exhibition by Saskatchewan artist Karlie King, is a combination of two bodies of ceramic work, Buttons, Baking & the Back Yard and Gatherings.

King’s work is determined and inspired by her situation in life, which currently centres around motherhood. The tile pieces reflect the artist’s daily activities – baking, gardening and childcare.

King takes the everyday items that surround her – whether they are plants from the garden, baking utensils, or buttons to amuse a busy toddler – to create ceramic tiles which become layered impressions of her life.

Complementing the ceramic tiles, King’s other body of work finds inspiration in naturally-crafted art forms – the birds’ nests that she observes on her daily walks.

King found herself drawn to the perfection of their construction and imagined her own ceramic eggs nestled in the twigs. Gradually, she collected abandoned nests, using them as a foundation for her creative ideas.

Beautiful porcelain eggs shine from amidst the natural textures of the nests, combining King’s artistic endeavors with the natural rhythms and textures of everyday life.

Be sure to attend Fokkens’s illustrated artist lecture at 7:20 p.m. on Thursday, Sept. 12. Follow this informative talk with a walk ‘n’ talk tour with Discovery Gallery artist, Karlie King.

Don’t miss the opportunity to meet these visiting artists, hear their stories, and learn their artistic secrets.