The Vancouver Island Symphony will fill the Tidemark Theatre with sound on Oct. 24. (Photo courtesy HA Photography)

The Vancouver Island Symphony will fill the Tidemark Theatre with sound on Oct. 24. (Photo courtesy HA Photography)

Vancouver Island Symphony celebrates friends, love, and music at Campbell River theatre

Tidemark Theatre will host the act for a performance of Friendship on Oct. 24

A little good will goes a long way, and when expressed by musicians at the top of their respective games, can become infectious.

Vancouver Island Symphony is hoping to spread a message of camaraderie when it performs Friendship at the Tidemark Theatre on Sunday, Oct. 24.

The opportunity to share the music in person is not lost on its performers.

“It is absolutely a great pleasure to be back on the stage to perform live for the audience,” Christopher Lee, VIS Principal Clarinetist said.

“The performers prepare to be at their very best, and I believe that the live audience brings it all together.”

VIS Principal Harpist Lani Krantz agreed.

“I have been lucky enough to have performed a handful of times over the last few months for live audiences and I am reminded so quickly that performing music is about communicating and connecting with people. There really is an indefinable audience energy we all feel as performers and that for so many of us is the ultimate driver for creating and presenting music.”

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The pair will present a world premiere piece by Canadian composer Rachel Laurin for harp and string quartet, as well as the Clarinet Quintet, KV 581 by Mozart.

Rachel Laurin is a Canadian gem: an organist, composer and music educator living in Quebec. This special commission was written in love, to celebrate a life of wonder, strength and triumph. VIS Principal Harpist Lani Krantz will perform this uplifting Irish melody together with the VIS’ own string principals.

“It is just the most beautiful gift for family and friends to have a piece of music created in remembrance of a loved one,” Lani said. “Listening to this piece will give us all a chance to honour in our thoughts all those people we cherish in our lives.”

Lee will perform a moving Mozart piece the Salzburg master wrote for clarinetist Anton Stadler in 1789.

As one of the best clarinet players in the country, Lee loves everything about the instrument.

“There are many different kinds of the clarinet,” he explained. “Bb clarinet, A clarinet, Bass, Eb and more! It gives me a variety of fun to play each clarinet and sometimes more opportunity to perform on the different clarinets.”

Audiences will not be able to resist the beauty of the music, Krantz said.

“People often tell me that they love music and wish they could play an instrument or continued in their music studies. I always tell them that it’s okay – music needs creators, presenters and receivers and we are all equally important in the process.

“I am so excited to return to a place where we can communicate in words, in body, in language, in music; in person.I want the audience to know that we can’t wait to see you all.”

Tickets can be ordered in person at the Theatre, or over the phone.

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