Campbell River band Unsung has reunited for a performance Wednesday at the Paramount Music Hall.

Theo and Unsung play the Paramount Music Hall

There will be magic in the Paramount Music hall Wednesday, will you be there to witness it?

Local music lovers are going to get a special treat Wednesday when Theo and Unsung take the stage at the Paramount Music Hall.

First up is Theo a wonderful blend of beach, rock, reggae, and funk.  Their music is masterfully played, and their rhythm section digs into your soul and will make you want to dance.

The group consists of Nigel Nikolaisen, Gerrit Dooris, and Jon Carriere. Theo’s music is accessible and fun.  They would be welcome on any stage from all ages to large outdoor music festivals.  Nikolaisen’s voice is the voice of a classic storyteller, it’s warm, rich, and with a hint of rasp. Their music is infectious and fun their upcoming album will be the perfect soundtrack to your summer 2011 adventures. Theo’s music has been picked up by local station 99.7 The River.

After Theo performs, Unsung will be taking the stage.

The reunion of the Band Unsung brings original members Todd Pimlott, David Tancon, and Chris Marion back together after a 10-year hiatus. Unsung is proud to bring in new member Kyle Hilliard into the fold as their drummer without whom this reunion could never have been possible.

The band Unsung originally formed in 1998. They began playing at the People Cabaret stage on Monday Night Jam nights. The young men would rehearse all week and each week test out new songs, and new arrangements in front of the eager audience.

The soundman Buffy recorded Unsung live straight from the PA one night and the band suddenly had a demo tape in hand. They used the live tape to get gigs up and down the Island.

Unsung had the honor to open for Nickelback at Animal’s nightclub. Chad Kroeger, the vocalist for Nickelback, took Tancon under his wing and the two talked about their dreams, music, the business, and performance. Tancon knew right away that Chad Kroeger and Nickelback were going to become superstars but Chad had given him the secrets that he could utilize for his own band during the private conversations.

Now its eight years later for Todd and David and 10 for Chris since they’ve been on stage together.  Unsung is reuniting and ready to bring back that power and mystery they were once well known for.

Two great bands for the price of $10. Two different types of musical energy Theo is warm, fun, and loving, while Unsung who come on later is heavy, deep, melodic, and dangerous. There will be magic in the Paramount Music hall Wednesday, will you be there to witness it?