Cas and Dylan follows a dying doctor who plans to check-out on his own terms. But those plans are derailed by ending up on the lam with an unusual 22-year-old girl.

The Campbell River Festival of Film is a gift

Festival winter season’s passes are being sold in time for Christmas

Looking for the perfect gift?

Well look no further than the Campbell River Festival of Film. Festival winter season’s passes are being sold in time for Christmas. The passes are available at the Tidemark box office or on-line and sell for $45 plus tax and applicable fees.  They entitle the holder to five wonderful films and include a series of dynamic shorts and draws at each screening.

The Festival is the result of a successful partnership that was formed 16 years ago with the Toronto International Film Festival Film Circuit.

This partnership allows the Campbell River group to book films and shorts directly from Toronto that would not normally make their way to our Campbell River movie theatres.

The organizers want everyone to know that all the proceeds go directly back into our community. Each year, bursaries and equipment are given to local students and schools. Equipment has also been donated to the Tidemark Theatre to help make it possible to showcase these great films.

The winter season will start Jan. 14 with Cas and Dylan followed by Burt’s Buzz on Jan. 28. The Hunt will be featured on Feb. 11 with Siddharth playing on Feb. 25.  The season finale will be on March 11 and that title is Gabrielle, Canada’s entry as best foreign film for the Academy Awards.

The organizers would like to remind filmgoers that this list is currently tentative depending on availability from Toronto

This year’s winter season’s pass comes with an additional bonus.  Several restaurants have partnered with the festival to offer a dinner and a movie experience.  Whey you buy your pass you will also get special discounts at these restaurants on movie nights.

So, by purchasing a pass you support your community, view a variety of quality films and have the opportunity to save money on a dinner out.  If you give this pass as a gift you wrap all this goodness into the present that keeps on giving well into March.

It’s time to put on your Santa hat and head down to the Tidemark Theatre box office to buy your season’s passes.  Don’t forget you can also purchase them on line.

For further information, please contact the Tidemark Theatre at or CRFF at .