Steamin’ towards Labour Day

There's plenty of family fun at the Museum at Campbell River on Monday, Sept. 3

Check out the museum's steam donkey when it roars to life on Monday

It’s time for the Museum at Campbell River’s Steam Donkey to roar!

In celebration of Labour Day, the museum will fire up its steam donkey from 12-3 p.m., in honour of the island’s rich logging history.

It’s an amazing sight to see this old workhorse of the forest all steamed up. As part of the festivities, a blacksmith’s forge will be on hand for demonstration.

The Museum’s amazing Lego collection will be outdoors for the kids (and parents) to play with. Plus, ChalkMan himself, Alex Witcombe, will be present demonstrating his chalk talents on the sidewalk.

Rumour has it that he will also bring along his ChalkCar for fun; a car famously known as “Chalk My Ride” which the community is invited to help decorate. Free coffee will be available. Inside the Museum will be Lego displays along with the Tyee Fishing exhibit.