Spice your dinner theatre up with Basil and the Fawlty Towers gang

Would you want a bath in your hotel room that wasn’t big enough to drown a mouse?

Would you want a bath in your hotel room that wasn’t big enough to drown a mouse?

Will Fawlty be going to have a flutter? Is there a new manager at Fawlty Towers named Watt and is there something wrong with him? The answers awaiting you at the upcoming 10th Anniversary Show presented by Antics Theatre.

Fawlty towers – “Communication Problems” will be the show performed at the Dinner theatre.

Anne Young, Director/Producer of Antics Theatre is sure her versatile troupe of actors will do their usual excellent performances. The very energetic Dan Russell will play Basil along with his loving wife Sybil, who is Campbell River’s favourite Marg Branscombe.

Manuel will be played by ever popular John Godfrey and Polly will be played by yet another favourite Deirdre Hartwell.

Chef Terry, is a new talented face to Fawlty Towers, Geri Symington. Lee Pollack is doing a great job of Major Gowan who is a little absent minded but delightful. Angela O’Keeffe (after her trip to Paris) will grace our stage as Mrs. Tibbs, a Hotel resident.

Guests visiting the hotel are played by four Antics theatre favourites – Tim Myerscough, Don Young, Ron Pollock and Kevin McHady. Mrs. Richards, who is a rather demanding guest at the Hotel is played by much-loved Lynne Godfrey. So as you can see we truly have a wonderful cast of people.

Our caterers, Fusilli Grill have a special meal planned for our celebration.

A delicious baron of beef will be carved at the table by Chef Dave and will be followed by cake with sparklers for dessert. (Vegetarian meals can be requested when you purchase your tickets)

Antics Dinner theatre will be performed June 1-4 at the Willow Point Hall. Doors open at 6:30 p.m. and Dinner at 7 p.m. Tickets are $37 (HST included) and on sale at the Flower Shop in Willow Point. When you purchase your ticket your seat is reserved.

Help Antics Theatre celebrate 10 wonderful memorable years entertaining great audiences.