Julie Rigby plays Shirley Valentine in Rivercity Players’ next production opening Wednesday, April 17 at 7:30 at the Rivercity Stage (1080 Hemlock St.).

Rivercity Players stages the ever-popular Shirley Valentine

Character is a universal archetype representing each individual’s need to recognize their story

Rivercity Players are counting down, amid a hive of activity, to the opening night performance of its next production, Shirley Valentine, on April 17, starring Julie Rigby.

Just as “it takes a village to raise a child,” it takes a huge creative army (or maybe at least a platoon), to mount a show featuring one brave and courageous actor, Julie Rigby, telling an important story. Shirley Valentine is a universal archetype representing each individual’s need to recognize their own personal story and to tell it freely.

It is a conversation with the “Wall,” with one’s self, and with the world at large. It is also funny, poignant, and sometimes heart wrenching, but always a very human journey.

The great team of dedicated creative workers that one never sees on stage – designers, stage managers, producer, carpenters, painters, properties procurer, running crew, and director – all unite to create the setting from which Rigby can bring Shirley Valentine to life. The wonderful truth about community theatre is the platform it provides to foster so much creativity and the opportunity to discover our hidden talents.

Come and enjoy the encounter with Shirley, enjoy the story, and whilst you do, give a cheer for the talented Julie Rigby, and a respectful nod to the “unseen team” who worked to make this possible. Also take a moment to note their names in the program. This is Community Theatre. Want to get involved? Become a member? “Come play with us”.

Some tickets are still available at Impressions Art Gallery and patrons now have easy access to order their tickets through www.rivercitytickets.ca

This is Rivercity’s entry for the 2019 North Island Zone Festival in Qualicum in May.

The Board of the Rivercity Players Society is also excited to announce that they will be hosting the 2020 North Island Zone Festival in Campbell River.

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