Rivercity Players host a night of comedy

Program features two one act plays and two monologues, and will run just under an hour

From waiting room chatter to cruise liner activities – from a musical audition to a stage hand thrust on stage – a variety of topics will be explored at Rivercity Players upcoming Evening of One Acts.

This program features two one act plays and two monologues, and will run just under an hour. All performances are comedies, so come prepared for laughs!

Cruise Missile tells the story of two ladies on a cruise ship. Janet (Susan Wydenes) is on her first cruise, and is feeling overwhelmed by the array of delights on offer. However, a fellow passenger (Lynne Macara) is more than willing to be her guide and mentor.

In Please Have a Seat and Someone Will be With You Shortly, David (Patrick Baird) and Sue (Natalie Anderson) sit week after week in their shrinks’ waiting room, reading magazines. Who says you should never talk to strangers?

Alistair Taylor will (reluctantly) perform The Gallows Monologue from Sidney Ryan’s ‘Gunpowder and Blood’. Someone has to step in after a fencing mishap – the show must go on!

And Sis Hopkins will be stopping by to showcase her musical audition.

When putting together an evening of one acts, Rivercity Players encourages members to try roles they haven’t before. In this production, there are new actors, and also a new director. Patricia Harvey, who has worked on stage and back stage, decided to try her hand at directing, and has taken charge of both of the one act plays. She is really enjoying the experience.

“They are two completely different plays,” she explained, “with different personalities involved. The actors are exploring their roles, and I’m just adding my two cents worth and trying to guide their process. I feel like it’s bringing out something new in me.”

The Evening of One Acts runs at the Rivercity Stage on Friday, March 31 and Saturday, April 1, at 7:30 p.m. Admission is by donation.