Frantic fun is expected from Rivercity Players’ production of Sin

Rivercity launches new theatre with a farce

Story revolves around a secret meeting that the Americans are trying to arrange with a representative from the Chagos Islands

You can’t help but have fun when you mix Sin, Sex and the CIA.

That’s the title of the ridiculously funny comedy that Rivercity Players has chosen as the opening show for its newly renovated little theatre on Hemlock Street.

“The first time I directed this play was for ex-pat audiences in Saudi Arabia,” says director Gail Tisdale. “The laughter never stopped so I thought it was worth trying it in Campbell River.”

The story revolves around a secret meeting that the Americans are trying to arrange with a representative from the Chagos Islands, where oil has been discovered.

The meeting is to take place in an out-of-the-way safe house in the mountains of Virginia.

Naturally, attention has to be paid to security, and this job has been given to a really enthusiastic, but totally incompetent, CIA agent Luke James (played by Matt Storie).

He sets a number of inventive traps around the cottage – and manages to get caught in all of them!

Daniel Warren (Robert Hall), an ex-marine, is the caretaker of the safe house and has very little time or patience for the CIA. He calls it the Complete Idiots Academy.

On top of having to cope with Luke, he finds he has to put up with the libido-driven Assistant Secretary of State, Margaret Johnson (Christina Peterson).

Enter the Reverend Samuel Abernathy (Andy Peterson), whose car has broken down. He is a typical television evangelist who sees sin around every corner. He brings with him his frumpy secretary, Millicent (Elizabeth Crum)

Heather Ann Faraday, the glamorous and sexy next door neighbour drops in and gives lessons in seduction to Millicent.

“With characters like these, you can’t help but have fun,” says stage manager, John Godfrey.

Who is the real Chagos Island representative?

Has an OPEC spy managed to penetrate the meeting?

These are questions that will be answered for you when you come to see Sin, Sex and the CIA.

Performance dates are Oct. 17-19 and 23-26. Tickets can be obtained from Impressions Custom Framing (Shoppers Row), Comfort Zone Foods (Willow Point), and CR Laundromat (Tyee Plaza).

Rivercity Stage, at 1080 Hemlock, is a small performance venue with only 80 seats so it would be best to get your tickets early.