The Emily Carr String Quartet will perform on the Spirit Square stage on Thursday, July 4 as part of the River Concert Series. Photo submitted

River Concert Series changes it up at Campbell River Spirit Square opener

A little classic, a little country, a little jazz and blues and, of course, a little dance music

The much anticipated River Concert series begins this summer with a twist.

On Thursday evening, July 4, the Emily Carr String Quartet will perform on the Spirit Square stage. Classical music in Spirit Square?

“It’s a first,” says manager Jim Creighton. “Why not? We’re looking forward to reaching different audiences and also introducing our loyal fans to an expanded range of live music. The string quartet concert will have premier seating for the first 150 attendees.”

Besides the classical surprise, and a happy dose of folk and world beat, the dance crowd will not be forgotten with the return of Locarno, the Boom Booms, the inclusion of Retro Rock Revival and other favourites.

“We’ve covered a lot of bases this season,” says Creighton. “Country? We got it. Classic rock? We got it. And don’t forget the CR Mirror Jazz and Blues Charity Weekend beginning July 25.”

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