Each feather is individually hand crafted and placed one by one when Wes Seeley creates an eagle.

River City Arts Fest 2015 – Shopping & Art Extravaganza!

Downtown shopping and a visiting artist this Saturday

Tyee Plaza special shopping experience

Arts Fest’s sponsor, Tyee Plaza, will be showing its spirit, swathed in this year’s yellow theme colour.

Shoppers can enjoy the many special outdoor sales being held by store owners, as part of overall event festivities. Plaza shops will also be featuring art works before & after the festival in support of our art community.

Experience the festival atmosphere – inside and outside the shops of Tyee Plaza!

Arts Fest artist of note

Wes Seeley, Comox eagle craftsman, will be at Arts Fest 2015, with his signature eagle carvings. He will have on hand, his 8 foot eagle, which is 90% complete. His 10 foot eagle is currently hanging in Whistler.

Each feather is individually hand crafted and placed on the eagle one by one, to give the appearance of the wind moving through the feathers and wings.

Only locally sourced materials are used in the carvings. Red & yellow cedar, aromatic cedar, and Douglas fir are the woods primarily used in Seeley’s works.

“My goal is to replicate, through my carvings, the beauty that nature has created in these magnificent birds,” Seeley says.

Take this rare opportunity to come see Seeley and his amazing artwork first hand.