A scene from Cory Doherty’s short film FAWN.

Quadra filmmaker offers up a dinner and a movie

FAWN is a cautionary tale of retaliation and consequence

Quadra Island filmmaker Cory Doherty recently created the short film FAWN.

The film has been a long time dream of Doherty’s.

“My mother bought me an 8 mm handheld video camera for my 15th birthday, and everything changed. After a year of having the camera pretty much taped to my hand, I ended up at Carihi where they had a media class, and the public education system all of a sudden had meaning!”

Fast forward 15 years to 2012, Doherty has worked his passion into reality. “I’ve finally found my way back into the art form where I feel completely natural.”

FAWN is a cautionary tale of retaliation and consequence in a world where nature, as life, is forced to live within the boundaries of men.

The film stars Sonya Bingham and Jamin Shepit, was directed by local filmmaker Cory Doherty, and produced by Demia Pictures.

On Friday, the Heriot Bay Inn on Quadra Island is hosting a dinner in Herons, including a screening of FAWN and DJ dance to follow. This evening is to raise production funds for Doherty’s next movie, The Astronomer.

Doherty, Bingham and Shepit will be present for Q&A period after the film. Seats are $39.95. Support this local filmmaker by reserving your seats: call 250-285-3322.