Current Haig-Brown Writer-in-Residence John Donlan will be offering a workshop on memoir writing Feb. 11 at the museum.

Memoir writing workshop to be offered by Haig-Brown Writer-in-Residence

Join John Donlan at the Museum at Campbell River to learn about telling your story

Are you one of those people who is often told, “Your life is fascinating – you should write a memoir!”

Do you have a story of overcoming major obstacles that could inspire others?

Or do you want to preserve your family’s past to pass down to the next generation?

Current Haig-Brown Writer in Residence John Donlan is here to help with a workshop on Memoir Writing. Participants will learn how details of what they heard, saw, felt and experienced can make a memory come alive for others.  Exploring the Museum artifacts and displays, participants can discover sources of personal memories to work from.

This workshop will be held on Saturday Feb. 11 from 1 to 4 p.m. and will cost $40 per person. Those interested in attending are asked to please register for the program by calling the museum at 250-287-3103, or for more information go to