Improv Games come to the North Island

Improv is a spontaneous form of drama, where the actors create scenes as fast as possible

High schools actors on the North Island will soon have their skills tested to the limits.

The Canadian Improvisation Games is an annual event that takes place all across Canada amongst young people who love to act and enjoy being on stage.  On Nov. 29, four Improvisation groups (Carihi, Vanier, Highland and Tahsis) will be participating in the North Island Zones held at Highland Secondary School in Courtenay at 7:30 p.m.

Improvisation – Improv for short – is a spontaneous form of drama, where the actors create scenes as fast as possible. Participants are sometimes given a suggestion from the audience and have a short time to brainstorm as a group before acting their scene.

At one time, improvisation was only a practice tool for actors to keep them on their toes and to give them the shot of adrenaline needed to boost energy and creativity. But now, improvisation is considered a genre of acting that many people love.

At the North Islands, the teams are allowed to choose some of the events they perform.  There are five different categories that each team is allowed to choose from: a story piece, a character piece, a style piece, a themed piece and a life piece. Of those five, both theme and life are mandatory and the groups are then allowed to choose two of the remaining three.

As the date quickly approaches, the teams will prepare and practice their abilities. Will they succeed or will they excel?