Host a classical concert in your living room

Have you ever considered inviting musicians into your living room to play a concert?

Living Room Live is setting out to offer just that, connecting new and experienced hosts with classical musicians for cosy house concerts.

House concerts have been around for years, and you may be surprised to learn just how many exist; they are generally private events, with hosts building up their own guest list over time. Acoustic music is arguably best suited to a house, where musicians play for a small group of attentive listeners who can appreciate the music from a few feet away, often with a glass of wine or coffee in hand. The majority of house concert organizations, however, cater to every acoustic genre except classical; that’s where Living Room Live comes in.

Founders and pianists Nicola Davies and Lisa Rumpel are currently expanding their newly created tour routes through Manitoba/Saskatchewan and BC/Alberta, with about forty concerts planned for the opening 2018-19 season. These tour routes help create opportunities for residents in rural areas where professional performances may be less common than in large cities. In addition, Living Room Live will act as a platform to connect hosts and musicians for flexible concerts in urban centres. The organization is currently reaching out to new hosts from BC to Manitoba, and will offer advice and assistance in becoming a house concert host for the first time. Hosts can either join a tour route and present diverse seasons of two to three concerts per year, or for those in and around cities, can try out hosting on a one-off basis.

Anyone who enjoys organizing events and inviting friends into their home could be a good fit for a house concert host. A well-maintained acoustic piano is ideal but not always necessary; some ensembles may not require a piano or may be able to bring a digital.

If you are interested in hosting, please contact More information is available on the website, Living Room Live still has space