The River City Gospel Singers will lead a singalong Saturday of old favourites at the Christian Life Fellowship Church on Merecroft.

Gospel singalong returns to Campbell River

We just hang our licence plates of denomination at the door

Spring is most definitely in the air, and  along with the fresh daffs and dills is a bit of news, regarding something very special that started almost two years ago, here in our little city.

In October 2010, a jolly old fella, by the name of Bob Bull, tweaked a local quartet singer, to think about starting up an evening of old time gospel songs.

He said, “ Something in the line of Country, bluegrass, ol’ time Gospel greats, see what you can do.”

Well, what ensued, was something that caught on like wildfire…igniting the Saturday night Gospel singalongs, led by Steve Wray, and friends, including Corrina Kervin on bass, Mary Beddard Green on keyboards, Rob Beauchamp, on banjo, Floyd Lang on drums, and songsters Suzanne Lee and Shelly Wray, guitar and vocals. Now they are known as The River City Gospel Singers. Every month, folks from far and wide have come to enjoy a great and cozy time, singing so many of their favourite melodies, such as In the Garden, When the Saints…, I’ll Fly Away and many, more.

The evening is interspersed with specials by people  from all over town.

Wray has said, “There’s nothing like good music, and a happy atmosphere, to bring folks together. You can’t find us on Youtube, or facebook, but imagine, a cozy place, where over a hundred folks each night, just kinda hang out and sing, together, those old and dear songs.”

We just hang our licence plates of denomination at the door, give you a hug and a handshake, and say come on in and set a spell.

It’s just one of those  times and places where you can shake off your cares, sit down , say hi to a neighbour if you like, and leave 90 minutes later with a song in your heart, a few chuckles in your pocket….and it didn’t cost you a nickel.

“For the past year and a bit, we have been blessed to meet at the old Galaxy Theater, which is now the home of Discovery Community Church, but have moved uptown to Christian Life Fellowship Church…behind Merecroft Shopping Center,” Wray said. “Discovery Church, was an awesome home, and the folks there were so warm, and accomodating, to share that Church with all the Community.”

Different dynamics  have caused us to move to a new home, at Christian Life Fellowship Church, just behind Quality Foods, and the Merecroft Village Shopping Center and the first singalong at the new location, will be 7 p.m., Saturday April 21 right behind Quality Foods. Folks can nip in to Timmy’s right after for coffee  and a chin wag, as the event is over at 8:30.

They have regular visitors from Sayward to the North, and Comox to the South, with gatherings of well over 100 every month.