Fun on the Quadra stage

Theatre Quadra presents two popular one-act comedies this Friday and Saturday night

Come to the Quadra Community Centre on Friday and Saturday and enter the “twilight zone.”

Theatre Quadra presents two of the most popular one-act comedies of all time. Take Five is a soap-opera farce that takes place during the 1960s. Sharon and Alex have been married for a little over nine months and are expecting their first baby yesterday. Sharon’s older sister, Gladys, has been going through one disappointing boyfriend after another and has finally found a keeper. Unfortunately, the boyfriend, Bernard, is more interested in his inventions than he is in proposing. The sisters concoct a plan to get Gladys married.

The Actor’s Nightmare is a delicious comedy about a tragic case of mistaken identity. George Spelvin, played by Scott Low, is an unfortunate accountant who finds himself on stage among several renowned actors and a bossy stage manager (played by Kate Fetherston) who thinks he is the understudy of their injured main star.

The only problem is George has no recollection of attending a single rehearsal, or if his name is even George.

Tickets are available at Hummingbird, Works of H’Art, The Music Plant and at the door.