RainCoast Creative’s Grace Christiansen will be playing Belle and Emma Schulz will be playing Mrs. Potts at the Tidemark Theatre on May 21 at 3 and again at 7:30.

Disney’s Beauty and the Beast coming to Tidemark Theatre

On May 21, for two shows only, see the kids from RainCoast Creative Preforming Arts in Disney’s Beauty and the Beast.

“What you guys have here in Campbell River is amazing,” said Sara Partridge, head of the vocal department for the Canadian College for the Performing Arts, in RainCoast Creative’s press release.

The RainCoast team invites the community to enjoy the magic as Belle, played by Grace Christiansen, enters an enchanted castle where the Beast and his host servants live under a spell.

“Our students are talented, hard working young people who take instruction well and bring the music, characters and story to life,” said Beth Miller, RainCoast costume designer, in a press release. “There is nothing more wonderful than watching these kids on show day after months of hard work. The the lights go up, the music begins and the kids do what they’ve worked so hard to prepare for.”

Not only does the performance promise to dazzle, RainCoast students have won numerous awards and recognition for excellence in musical theatre, but the costumes will be magical as well. Miller creates all of the costumes for the show.

It really is a team effort. Miller designs the costumes and staff as well as parents put in time to make the visions come to life.

“We want our costumes to fit the kids perfectly,” the RainCoast team said. “They are created and tailored for each of them, whether they are a five year old towns person of the lead.”

The curtains open at 3 p.m. on May 21 and again later that day at 7:30 p.m. Tickets are available on the Tidemark Theatre website for  $14 for an adult and $12 for a student or senior.

“Our kids are dedicated and amazing young people,” agree Heather Gordon Murphy, Kristy Miller, Amy Lelliott and Kristine Isfeld, in a press release. “We have over 40 kids ages 5-17 that will hit the stage to bring this show to our town.”