Tara School of Irish dance presents Dance of the Celts tells the story of a people through music and dance.

Dance like the Celts with Tara’s Irish dancers

Dance of the Celts is an entertaining Irish dance show in which the mystery, intrigue and wonder of the ancient Celts will be portrayed

Who were the Celts?  Where did they come from?  And where are they now?

Dance of the Celts is a highly entertaining Irish dance show in which the mystery, intrigue and wonder of the ancient Celts will be vividly portrayed. Upon tracing the roots of the ancient Celts, it becomes apparent why Irish music and dance have universal appeal and why Irish Dance shows are enjoyed and celebrated throughout the world. The glorious music, fabulous costumes and stirring rhythmic dancing of Dance of the Celts ensures an exciting show that will appeal to family and friends alike.

All of the Tara School of Irish Dancing’s productions are based on original scripts written and choreographed by dance director, Margaret Mullen. Mullen found the research into the story of the ancient Celts to be fascinating and says that many people think the Celts originated in Ireland. In fact the Celts originated in middle Europe and migrated in all directions conquering all in their path, bringing with  them a highly sophisticated vision of civilization. A story that lends itself to exciting and intricate new choreographies for the dancers.

Dance of the Celts involves several well-known members of the Campbell River entertainment community.  Bill Walton, a local director and producer who recently produced the pantomime, Mother Goose, recorded the original voice-over when Dance of the Celts was first produced in Kamloops in 2005. Coincidentally Walton and Mullen later relocated to the Campbell River/Comox Valley area and Mullen is looking forward to presenting the show here.

Special guest is Campbell River Irish entertainer, John Reynolds, who has toured with the Irish Rovers for many years is being brought back by popular demand.

Reynolds will have the audience alternately laughing, shedding a tear or singing along to old favourites and popular Irish ballads. Reynolds’ range of musical and entertaining talent always has the audience enthusiastically responding and joining in the fun.

he dancers and the audience alike enjoy his humour, music and professional showcasing of Irish culture.

Presented by the Tara Dancers Performance Association, Dance of the Celts will be at the Tidemark Theatre on Saturday, June 1 at 2 p.m. and 7 p.m.  Matinee $15; 7 p.m. Adults $20, Children, Students & Senior $15. Group ticket rates are available for purchase of six or more so ideal outing for family, friends and groups. Tickets from Tidemark Theatre:  250-287-PINK