Completely Creedence is a group of veteran Campbell River musicians who transport audiences back to the spirit of the 70’s.

Completely Creedence: Making Mary proud

Tribute band will rock New Year’s Eve at the Tidemark Theatre

Creedence Clearwater Revival formed nearly 50 years ago in 1967.

Their music has been present in every decade since, and has played a pivotal role in shaping many a generations’ road trips.

Having achieved this fame while never having a #1 hit in the US and only 1 in the UK (Bad Moon Rising) is testament to their working class, populist nature.

This makes Mr. Completely the perfect band to form the new CCR cover band Completely Creedence.

Mr .Completely has been a working band for 10 years, putting on high energy performances and pleasing crowds up and down the island.

That’s well over the 10,000 hours that Malcolm Gladwell says is necessary to become an expert at something.

The people that were fortunate enough to get a ticket to Completely Creedence’s sold out opening show on Friday Nov. 6 at the Tidemark Theatre in Campbell River were treated to watching four experts put on a masterful performance.

If you missed out on that show, don’t fret, they are returning to the Tidemark for a New Years Eve performance.

Performing is what these guys do best. Their opening show saw people dancing in the aisles to guitarist Richard Spencer’s enthusiastic and at times acrobatic lead which would have made Tom Forgerty blush with envy.

With a couple of shows as their alter egos now under their belt, the band is even more polished and promise some new twists to their set and new material.

If you are expecting a perfect facsimile to a 1970’s Creedence Clearwater Revival’s concert prepare to be pleasantly disappointed, these boys have been together too long and are too good of showmen to just stand at the microphone and play.

With the exception of bassist George Milutinovic, who could be original bassist Stu Cook’s doppleganger, the rest are not cookie cutter copies of the original members. They still manage to transport the crowd back to the early 70’s. It won’t be the first trip there for many of the audience members, who would have heard these songs for the first time, not from some older wiser family member, but on the radio during their initial release.

Although they are consummate showmen, there can also be some raw moments, but let’s be honest that is why we love live music.

The singer Jamie Robertson and Spencer the guitarist love to engage the audience and their two opposing personalities can lead to some entertaining yet exclusive banter which can break the spell put on you during the show.

Luckily, drummer Rod Campbell with his impeccable timing is quick to set the band and audience back on track to the 70’s which is where he truly belongs.

It doesn’t take long for that spell to envelope you once again after the music starts.

When Robertson sings everyone listens. Singing Someday Never Comes he transcends his vocal range and allows the spirit of John Fogerty to resonate throughout the theatre.

It is truly breathtaking for all, especially Robertson.

Is Completely Creedence show a true rendition of a CCR concert?

No, but most of the people that did experience CCR live couldn’t remember what it was like anyway, not just because it was close to 50 years ago, but because it was the ’70’s.

Are they entertaining? You better believe it! Completely Creedence are professionals, but more importantly, they are enthusiastic professionals and their enthusiasm makes for a spectacular live performance.

Completely Creedence is playing this New Years Eve 7:30 at the Tidemark Theatre, tickets $32, and again on Feb. 11 at 7:30 in Courtenay at the Sid Williams Theatre, tickets $32. Get your tickets now and make Mary Proud.

Christopher Baikie

Special to the Mirror