Caripalooza a showcase for students’ talents

Whether it’s singing and strumming a guitar, or parkouring across the stage...

“It’s better than your average talent show,” says Jemima Hamilton, one of the people who got Caripalooza, the talent show at Carihi, up on its feet this year, “It’s a great way for Carihi to showcase more than one thing.”

Erin Marsh, another initiator of Caripalooza, and Hamilton got the roles of organizing the show after many years of hard work around Carihi. “We’ve been involved in the music part of Carihi for a while, and now it’s time for us to step up to the plate.”

Carihi has, for many years, hosted Caripalooza with a huge amount of support from students and teachers. Kids of any grade are allowed to try out for the stage, unafraid, and eager to show Carihi what they have in store. Whether it’s singing and strumming a guitar, or parkouring across the stage, you could expect the unexpected Wednesday at this year’s Caripalooza.

“At the end of the day, if I hadn’t tried out, then I’d have regretted it,” said Helena Beamish a student who auditioned for the talent show.

She entered the audition room with only a guitar case in hand, and proceeded to sing, untroubled by the people there.

Beamish says, “I’m performing because being on stage is a great way to show people how I feel when I play music, and to make them feel the same.”

Beamish was excited  to perform and to see what everyone else has to offer, but is still a little anxious about it.

“An old friend told me once, that if you’re not nervous then you shouldn’t be performing.”

Not everyone has the nerve to step up onto the stage, but for those who enjoy it, Caripalooza is the best chance to show Carihi their talents. The students agree, “If you don’t come, then you’ll certainly regret it.”