The Carihi concert and jazz bands had a successful trip to Whistler to participate in the Con Brio Festival that attracted student bands from western Canada and U.S.

Carihi bands hit the high notes

Campbell River student bands travelled to Whistler last weekend to participate in the 14th annual Con Brio Festival

Carihi band members found inspiration in Whistler but it wasn’t on the ski slopes.

The Carihi Concert band and the Carihi Jazz band travelled to Whistler last weekend to participate in the 14th annual Con Brio Festival that attracted 33 bands from Western Canada and the USA.

The founder of the festival, producer, arranger and award-winning composer Doug Macaulay says, “The goal of the festival is to create opportunities for musicians, educators and music students to learn, be inspired and find true joy in music.”

The Carihi bands were indeed inspired by the festival. All the  faculty members at the festival have a passion for music and music education and the ability to communicate effectively and positively with students of all ages and at all stages of musical development. They are leaders in composition, conducting and education theory, philosophy and practice.

The Carihi concert band was adjudicated by Dr Wayne Jeffrey, Director of Ensembles of the Kwantlen University Department of Music, Ralph Ford, composer and professor of Music at Troy University in Alabama, Dr. Gerald King, Professor and Director of the School of Music at the University of Victoria.

The Carihi Concert band received a superior rating (gold) from these adjudicators for their performance. Dr. Jeffrey told the band during a post performance rehearsal that in his judgement this band is probably among the top 10-12 bands in the country that perform at this level.

The jazz band also received excellent reviews (silver) from the adjudicators. Composer and band leader Fred Stride and trumpet player Malcome Aiken complemented the jazz band for their exciting performance at the Whistler Conference Centre on Saturday April 27.

Both the Carihi Bands participated in a massed band performance on Sunday that included over 1,200 musicians from Western Canada and the USA.  Two pieces were performed and both composers, Ralph Ford and Robert Buckley, were in attendance. The large ensemble was conducted by Dr. Dale J Lonis from Northwestern University in Chicago and Professor Paula Crider from the University of Texas.

All the band members felt that the high level of performance and instruction at the festival helped them improve their own personal performance and came away inspired to continue to play and perform – even after high school.

The year end concert for these bands will be on Wednesday June 12 in the Multi Purpose Room at Carihi. This is open to the public and everyone is welcome to attend.