A beautiful Quadra Island home featured on the next Friends of CR Art Gallery tour.

Campbell River Art Gallery gets by with some help from its Friends

They’ve become a go-to support network for Gallery staff, of informed and connected people

There’s a stellar group which supports many aspects of Campbell River Art Gallery’s programming through “bite sized” donations.

The Friends of CR Art Gallery sponsor school tours, exhibitions and a bursary to help children and adults attend art classes.  It’s also a social group that offers arts events and tours at cost. Next up on the Friends events list is a tour of a recently completed architect-designed home on March 3. This is a truly exceptional home, say organizers, arguably one of the finest in the region. The afternoon outing will also include several artists’ studios, capped off with a glass of wine and dinner at the Heriot Bay Inn.

People are surprised at how little it costs to become a Friend of the Gallery, says executive director Jeanette Taylor. “The minimum donation is $150,” says Taylor. “That’s a manageable amount for many people, less than one latte per week, but together these donations add up to a significant amount for the Gallery. We’ve been able to launch a few new programs thanks to this group.”

The Friends group, adds Taylor, is important in many other ways as well. They’ve become a go-to support network for Gallery staff, of informed and connected people who provide advice and assistance on a variety of levels. The Friends group has also become a treasured social outlet for people who want to share their deep interest in all forms of the arts.

The Friends group was initiated by Susie Moscovich and Pat Boham, whose vision, right from the start, was to raise money for things like the bursary program, and to bring like-minded people together in a stimulating forum—at an inclusive and affordable rate. The Friends’ events committee has arranged multi-day trips to see blockbuster exhibitions in Victoria, Vancouver and Seattle. The tours always include great food, accommodation, private studios and camaraderie.

The Friends of Campbell River Art Gallery is on their annual recruitment campaign, with lots on their roster to entice newcomers. This year, in addition to the upcoming tour to Quadra Island on March 3, there is a multi-day trip to see private homes, studios and galleries in Palm Springs, March 15 & 16. There will be a second tour of private homes, art collections and studios on Quadra on July 20, and in October there’s a two day tour of Sunshine Coast galleries and studios. For more information about the Friends of Campbell River Art Gallery, their causes and events call 250-287-2261 or visit www.crartgallery.ca.