Ken Blackburn will open a new exhibit of work at the Rivercity Players Theatre Stage on Saturday.

Blackburn unveils new suite of work

Moves past his more edgy contemporary work into a sophisticated inter-cultural presentation

Ken Blackburn pulls back the coverings of his most intriguing work so far in an exhibit called The Unveiling.

In this collection, Blackburn revealed work that is  dynamic yet still, colourful yet quiet, intimate yet encompassing the universe.

It is a major work that unveils pattern, movement, and entrancing journey.

The wow factor, especially up close, is amazing as Blackburn presents an entirely new look in his artistic presentation.

Moving past his more edgy contemporary work into a sophisticated inter-cultural presentation, Blackburn’s suite of works is a combination of many influences including his international community service and his extensive formal training.

Blackburn is the executive director of the Campbell River Community Arts Council and the community programmer for the Museum at Campbell River.

Don’t miss this opportunity to see the works themselves, listen to Mayor Andy Adams talk about the value of art to the community, and hear Blackburn describe the function of pattern in art and our lives in terms of the seven pieces he will present.

There will be an opportunity to join Blackburn on stage towards the end of the evening to engage with him in discussion.

A no-host bar and a wandering minstrel will enhance the conversation.

The Art Suite will be unveiled Saturday, March 7 at 6:30 p.m. at the Rivercity Players Theatre Stage, 1080 Hemlock Street.

Everyone is welcome, admission by donation – all proceeds beyond minimal expenses will go to the food bank at Blackburn’s request.