Big Maggie will leave you howling

The Rivercity Stage is a-buzz with activity at the moment: Actors rehearsing roles; Construction Crew creating “Set Pieces”; Costumes being designed and many other essential tasks being planned and scheduled to bring our upcoming production: Big Maggie to life. Directed by Margaret Keane, Big Maggie opens for seven performances – April 21-24 and 28-30th.

Maggie Polpin has a big personality and big plans for her family’s future. Newly widowed, she grasps the opportunity to take control of her life and future fortune. She knows exactly what she and her four adult children need to do to flourish and prosper in the unpredictable economic climate. But even as she takes firm hold of the reins, with plans laid firmly in place “for their own good”, her sullen and resentful offspring have other ideas. The result: a family drama that will leave you howling with laughter, tap into your compassion and perhaps elicit a tear or two as it strikes a personal chord.  It may leave you aghast, horrified at her ruthless singlemindedness, and perhaps raise a glimmer of rueful recognition of some scenario familiar to you. Tickets are now on sale at:  Impressions Gallery – 250-286-1612, CR Laundromat – 250-286-6562, the Rivercity Stage – Tues. and Thurs. 10-3 and online at  –