The cast of Bedtime Stories gather to promote their upcoming show.

Antics tell bedtime stories

The Antics Dinner Theatre is preparing to present Norm Foster's Bedtime Stories in Campbell River next week

“You won’t be wearing slippers into bed right?”

“Your mother said it would be okay to come up.”

“I don’t know whether to call a plumber or Ghostbusters.”

“You’re kind of accident prone aren’t you, Sandy?”

To find out what the heck’s going on, come out to Antics Dinner Theatre at the Willow Point Hall May 29-31 and June 1.

The Antics crew is performing six scenarios from Norm Foster’s Bedtime Stories.

The loveable Ballantynes with DJ Eddie “Nighthawk” Nichols on the radio in a hotel bedroom, couple Derek and Susan get reacquainted after many years, a pair of robbers get more than they bargained for, a shock rocker gets an unexpected visit from an adoring fan, a dancer with her own unique style has an important talk with her boss Charlie concerning her dance style, and home sweet home for Eddie and Laura. Antics actors for Bedtime Stories are John and Lynne Godfrey, Paul Mason, Tim Myerscough, Lee Pollack, Allison Camp, Debbie McIsaac, Angela O’Keeffe, Kevin McHady, Don and Anne Young.

A hilarious evening sure to please combined with great food catered by the Fusilli Grill. Tickets are $38, available at the Flower Shop in Willow Point.