OUR VIEW: Discarded needles the tip of the opioid crisis

Five years ago, most people would have scoffed at the idea of needing a group to pick up needles

  • Oct 24, 2017

OUR VIEW: Time to focus on seasonal safety

The sky isn’t falling, but there’s plenty falling from it these days.…

  • Oct 19, 2017

OUR VIEW: Two words that tell us there are predators among us

Me too. Two simple words that have had such resonance over the…

  • Oct 17, 2017
Dancing & Tapas raises funds
Students to learn to grow food
Museum Book Sale 2019

OUR VIEW: NDP leadership reaction disappointing

To those who want non-Sikh politicians, we ask: what religion – or sect – they want them to be

  • Oct 12, 2017

Editorial: Time to bring back civility to our civilization

Most of the harassment is, unsurprisingly, taking place online.

  • Oct 5, 2017

OUR VIEW: Armed attack in Vegas strikes close to home

Residents of Vancouver Island, like those around North America and beyond, were…

  • Oct 3, 2017

OUR VIEW: Being vigilant in going for screenings can save lives

With Breast Cancer Awareness Month coming up in October, it is a…

  • Sep 28, 2017

OUR VIEW: Cost of living struggle not getting any easier

If you get the feeling your rising wages over the last decade…

  • Sep 26, 2017

OUR VIEW: Deadly Mexico quake a warning

As this is being written, the death toll stands at more than 200.

  • Sep 21, 2017

OUR VIEW: Schools hiding the truth

Vague provincial assessments do not help students prepare for the real world

  • Sep 19, 2017

OUR VIEW: Terry’s spirit lives on

Nearly four decades after his death, Terry Fox’s Marathon of Hope is…

  • Sep 14, 2017

OUR VIEW: Social media crackdown out of touch

Try to stuff the genie back in the bottle

  • Sep 12, 2017

EDITORIAL: Texas floods a wake-up call

The flooding devastating most of southern Texas in the wake of tropical storm Harvey …

  • Sep 7, 2017

OUR VIEW: Be cautious as kids return to school

With many of us trying to make the most of the dwindling…

  • Aug 31, 2017

OUR VIEW: Texas floods a wakeup call for all

The flooding devastating most of southern Texas in the wake of tropical…

  • Aug 29, 2017

Support for derelict vessel clean-up a no-brainer

This should be a no-brainer for our local councils. MP Sheila Malcolmson…

  • Aug 25, 2017

OUR VIEW: Minimum wage debate returns

Few topics are as controversial right now in Canada as raising the…

  • Aug 22, 2017

Gazette History Minute: Archives aid family in searching Alert Bay for deceased relative

The Davisons wanted to know more about their relative and the place he lived.

Tyson’s Thoughts: Queen of the North Memories

Gazette Editor Tyson Whitney reflects on his summer spent working on the Queen of the North.

Debate of national anthem lyrics is ‘moot’

Making the lyrics more inclusive does not reject tradition, but respects it