Zombie Storm descending on Willow Point Park

The Campbell River Storm Junior Hockey Club has been transformed into a bunch of merciless zombies

The Campbell River Storm Junior Hockey Club has been transformed into a bunch of merciless zombies.

Come see for yourself at the Zombie Escape at Willow Point Park on Sunday, Oct. 27.

Anyone can run. But it all changes when you’re running for your life.

Test your survival skills, speed, strength and endurance through 3 or 5 KM of obstacles all while being chased by starving zombies. Big thank you to the Storm for volunteering to terrorize our fellow citizens.

The City of Campbell River and the Strathcona Regional District is looking for more Zombie Bait (runners) and hungry Zombies to help with this event.

Are you interested?  Call them.


Frequently asked Questions


Runners (a.k.a., ZOMBIE BAIT):


What time should I show up?

We suggest at least an hour before your selected race time. If you need to pick up your race packet, plan for two hours. Please remember to allow additional time for parking.


Should I bring anything?

We also suggest a change of clothes/shoes, or a towel for the ride home. You’re gonna get dirrrrty.


What should I wear?

You’ll be given a race bib in your race packet. You must wear it while on the course, or you’ll be tackled to the ground and left for the zombies to devour.

The apocalypse isn’t gonna be pretty. Be ready to get dirty.


Can I bring my family/my dog/my neighbor’s niece’s cousin’s friend’s uncle?

You can bring every person you’ve ever known in your life, provided they stay off the race course. We will try to ensure that the zombies won’t eat their brains.

But – No dogs. No cats, no ferrets, chickens, or goldfish… Let’s not get crazy.


What’s the deal with the flags?

Every runner will be given a flag belt with two flags that must be worn when on the obstacle/race course. Each flag represents your “life.” The zombies are super hungry for yours, so they’ll be after them in a serious way. Cross the finish line with at least one flag intact and you can brag to all your friends that you survived the zombie onslaught. Lose your flags, and you’ve joined the ranks of the living dead. You will have to return to the starting line and if you want to continue as a zombie our facepainters will make that happen.


Can I use my specialized homemade apocalypse weapons to fight the hungry horde?

Um, no. Absolutely no weapons of any kind, no matter how cool your gamer buddies think they are.


How old do I have to be to run from the Zombies?

Eight is the minimum age, and only with a signed waiver from a parent or guardian.


Do I have to complete every obstacle?

No, but you run the risk of being devoured by flesh eating monsters if you choose to skip or go around an obstacle.


What kind of obstacles will there be?

Skipping through fields of daisies, swimming through warm crystal clear waters… Ha. Like we’d tell you.


When is the last day I can register?

You can register up until Oct 21.




Is this for real?

You bet your life.


Will there be real, live living dead?



Can I actually eat a participant if I catch one?

Please refrain from eating any of our runners. They might look tasty, but they’re probably game-y, and the super-fit ones will be tough as hell.