Nya Harley and Brandon Irvine give thumbs up to the Youth Action Committee.

Youth Action Committee: time for teens to have their say

The Youth Action Committee provides a youth perspective for staff and City Council on community issues

Who cares? You do? We want to hear from you!

The City of Campbell River’s Youth Action Committee is looking for open-minded, innovative and motivated youth (14-18 years old) who want their say on community issues.

The Youth Action Committee provides a youth perspective for staff and City Council on community issues like art, recreation, safety, transportation, culture, parks and the environment. The committee also shapes Campbell River’s Youth Engagement Strategy to involve youth in City projects and planning.

Last year, the Youth Action Committee began researching options for a Campbell River Youth Centre, participated in the annual Christmas Food Bank drive, fundraised and helped organize the Earth Week Film Festival, and provided advice on youth recreation, the Tidemark Theatre, Spirit Square, the heritage value of Big Rock and watershed planning.

The committee also developed a Youth Charter, a vision for the future for Campbell River that was endorsed by City Council, School District 72 and the RCMP in June 2012.

“The Youth Action Committee is a place where your opinion not only matters, it can ignite ideas for change in the city that we live in,” says Mariah Carpenter, Youth Action Committee Chair for 2012. “As youth, often times we feel as though we have no control over how things are done and as though our voices don’t hold much power. By joining a committee like YAC that is specifically for youth, you not only have the opportunity to let your voice be heard, but you have a group of your peers coming together, also bringing their ideas which can lead to changes that we, as youth, want to see. We’re a real committee of real teenagers, creating real plans and making a difference for the present and future youth of Campbell River,” Mariah continues.

“Youth should consider joining YAC to not only to help give more of a youth perspective within the city but for the chance to meet and converse with other involved and locally-aware teens. YAC provides the opportunities to express opinions and learn more about our local government system,” adds Paige Derouin, YAC Member from 2012.

Another bonus: YAC participants develop valuable leadership and communications skills, and gain great work experience.

The committee launches again this fall with a workshop on Friday, Oct. 20 and will then meet twice per month on Tuesdays from 3:30-5 p.m. to discuss topics important to youth in Campbell River.

Application forms for the Youth Action Committee are available at Timberline and Carihi school offices, the Sportsplex and the Community Centre. Applications are due Friday and can be submitted via email until 11:59 p.m. or dropped off during regular hours at the above locations.

For more information, or to request or submit an application form, email: amber.zirnhelt@campbellriver.ca or leah.knutson@campbellriver.ca.