You are not what you eat

Approach has been used successfully in Asia for thousands of years

He’s baaack!

Van Clayton Powel returns to the Campbell River Library on Thursday, Oct. 3 at 6:30 pm with his lively presentation about his bestselling book You Are Not What You Eat: How Digestive Problems Might Be Making You Sick. Although we’re commonly told “You are what you eat” according to Powel, you are only what you digest. And according to research, many of us are not digesting very well.

Join the author of You Are NOT What You Eat: for a fascinating look at how to improve one of your body’s most vital functions – digestion.

Whistler  author Van Clayton Powel is a former nurse who specialized in addictions treatment and emergency psychiatric assessments.

He also spent years in Asia training in traditional medical systems, martial arts, yoga, and meditation.

Inspired by his own battle with chronic digestive problems, Powel was surprised to find the solution not in what he ate, but in how he ate – an approach that had been used successfully in Asia for thousands of years, yet fits in perfectly with the latest medical science.

This is a free program at the Campbell River Library and all are welcome.

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