Wood stove exchange program returns

The City of Campbell River's Wood Stove Exchange program is back this year by popular demand

Back by popular demand for a fourth season, Campbell River’s provincial Wood Stove Exchange program will help residents replace older wood stoves with wood, pellet or gas heating appliances certified to national standards. Beginning March 1, the city will offer 36 $250 rebates on a first-come, first-served basis until April 30.

Since this program began in 2009, 114 wood stoves have been exchanged. With newer cleaner-burning appliances in place, a total of 8,240 kg of fine particulate air pollution is no longer in the airshed.

Conventional non-certified wood stoves have an average emission rate of 88.8 kg per burning season. With upgrades to gas and certified pellet and cleaner-burning wood stoves (reduced fine particulate emissions), this program has removed the equivalent pollution of more than 90 old smokey woodstoves.

Fine particulate air pollution (including what’s generated by older wood stoves) is the primary air quality concern in less-populated areas of B.C.

The BC Lung Association and the Provincial Health Officer note that the miniscule size of fine particulates makes them easily inhaled and allows them to penetrate deep in the airway and lungs.

This and their highly toxic nature contribute to chronic respiratory and cardiovascular conditions.

To participate in the Wood Stove Exchange Program, contact Terri Martin at the City of Campbell River at 250-286-5711 or terri.martin@campbellriver.ca