Wee Medical makes donation to Transition Society

In Campbell River, WeeMedical Dispensary Society is lending a hand to the North Island Transition Society in its continued fight to end violence against women.

Joel Wilson presented a $1,000 cash donation to the North Island Transition Society from the WeeMedical Dispensary Society. Wilson says WeeMedical intends to disperse funds periodically to organizations who provide services for those in need in our community.  Wilson set up the fund in response to the many local stories of struggle, pain and hardship he has heard from his customers since opening in April.

“With stories of sadness, comes the realization that this community needs ongoing support from the citizens and business owners alike,” says Wilson.  “Our team discussed different ways we could give back to our community. In the end we realized there are already many good grass root organizations doing great things in our town so supporting their efforts seemed logical. Transitions opened the same time we did and they have been awesome neighbours.

“I also have friends who have needed their services so am quite thrilled to be supporting their cause.”

Campbell River and North Island Transition Society operates Ann Elmore Transition House, Rose Harbour Transitional Housing Program and Transitions Used Furniture and More Store. Other services include Stopping the Violence, Outreach counselling and Child and Youth Support.

Wee is also teaming up with local grassroots organizations to feed the locals in need during these colder and challenging months.  Wee is asking the community to support the effort with donations of non-perishable food items. All donations are welcome at WeeMedical #820 – 13th Ave and at 2210 South Island Highway. WeeMedical will match donations and disperse to local organizations.