Volunteer streamkeepers work to enhance salmon-bearing potential and the general health of local streams.

Wanna be a streamkeeper? Bring your gumboots

There is a two-day Streamkeeper Workshop course offered March 23-24 at North Island College

Do you want to volunteer enhancing fisheries values in Campbell River?

There is a two-day Streamkeeper Workshop course offered March 23-24 at North Island College (Room C226). Instructor Dave Clough is a Registered Professional Biologist who has been restoring fish/stream habitat and training habitat stewards for over 25 years.

The course is sponsored by Greenways Land Trust and the Salmon Enhancement Program of DFO.

The Steamkeepers Training course objective is to provide a science based explanation of stream health. The ecology of streams is explained in modules that all provide basic information on determining the health of a stream.

As a Streamkeeper, you will be given the skills necessary to take responsibility for the streams in our community. Did you know that there are streamkeeper groups in town that steward Nunns Creek, Simms Creek, Willow Creek, Storrie & Woods Creeks, Kingfisher Creek, Menzies Creek, Stonefly & Mayfly Creeks, Mohun Creek and Casey Creek? The groups associated with these creeks are looking for new recruits.

As a student, you will spend the morning in the class and the afternoons collecting information in the field. The textbook used is the Pacific Streamkeepers Federation’s Streamkeepers Handbook which has a wealth of information. The modules that will be focused on include: introductory and advanced stream habitat, water quality, stream invertebrates, streamside planting and juvenile fish trapping and identification. Slides and videos as well as hands on experience at the creeks using ID keys and monitoring equipment are part of the training.

Be prepared to travel to a nearby steam with gumboots or waders, warm clothes and raingear.

The course costs $40 per person which includes lunch for both days and your Streamkeepers manual. To register, or for more information, contact Erin Nowak, Greenways Land Trust at 287-3785 or greenways@greenwaystrust.ca