VIDEO: Campbell River Music Showcase celebrates local talent and hard work

The Cedar School choir performed in the Music Showcase yesterday evening.

Music groups from the schools of SD72 performed in front of a packed gymnasium yesterday evening.

The Annual Music showcase has been a tradition within SD72 for more than 20 years. Audience members were asked to bring a donation for the foodbank as an entrance fee for the event.

The Ripple Rock Choir started the evening with the song “Klee Wyck” by Brian Tate. Pinecrest and Cedar School each performed one song on their own as well as one together follow by the École des Deux Mondes Choir singing “Lean On Me.”

The audience also heard from the Phoenix Middle School Band, the Quadra Choir, the Sandowne Fiddlers as well as the Sandowne Choir and the Penfield Choir.

All of the children sang together at the end for a grand finale.