Victim Services keep busy at RCMP detachment


The Campbell River RCMP Detachment recognizes victims and witnesses of crime and trauma, and commends victim services personnel during the 8th annual National Victims of Crime Awareness Week, April 21-27.

This year’s theme “We All Have a Role” illustrates that support to victims comes in many forms, and that many players including police, victim services, justice system personnel, civilian staff, volunteers, partner agencies, community members, and others, take on a role.

Within the RCMP, Victim Services has become an integral component of the policing services. The Campbell River team is comprised of two part-time staff and two volunteers – all available 24/7. Last year they saw 615 clients and average 231 clients in their case load at any given time. They responded to 121 hours of after-hour calls and put together 39 safety plans for clients.

They have one client they have been working with since 2002, offering support for the client each time the dangerous offender re-enters the community. All services are provided free of charge and include:

  • Emotional support.
  • Police requested crisis response.
  • Information on the status of the police investigation and the progress of the case through the court system.
  • Information on how the criminal justice system works.
  • Assistance completing Crime Victim Assistance compensation forms.
  • Assistance completing Victim Impact Statements.
  • Referral to appropriate social, legal, financial, counseling and other needed services.
  • Court updates and court orientation for witnesses who are required to testify.

For more information or to access victim support services, call 250-286-5606 or contact Victimlink, a provincial toll-free victim support line at 1-800-563-0808.