Do you recognize any of these students? Help the local Genealogy Society with the identification of students in their collection of class photos.

Unravel your family history

Your ancestors have a story that is waiting to be discovered

Your ancestors have a story that is waiting to be discovered.

And the Campbell River Genealogy Society (CRGS) can help you unravel the mysteries of your family’s ancestral tree. On Saturday, you’re invited to walk through the doors of the CRGS library and celebrate their 25th anniversary.

From 10-2, family research experts will be showcasing their personal projects and organizational methods with displays of Military memorabilia, heirlooms, unique collections including historical directories and period clothing.

The CRGS library is run entirely by volunteers and features rare and unique research resources.

Not only does the Library offer free access to and personalized assistance, their members can help you unlock the clues to your family history using things like heirlooms, photos, and postcards.

The Campbell River Genealogy Society meets once a month, but this 25th Anniversary Open House is their chance to show you some of the amazing local research projects they’re working on.

Walk down memory lane with The Class Photo Project collection. This is a dynamite endeavor to identify the students in every class photo starting from the first established Schools in Campbell River and include the surrounding area.

Do you have school photos you’d like to share? Bring them along! Volunteers will make copies and give you back the original. And maybe, just maybe, you can help identify some of the students in the class photos already collected.

The history of local soldiers honoured on the Cenotaph has been researched and will be available for viewing. If you need advice on researching a military history on one of your family we can help.

The Campbell River Genealogy Society Library is located in the Maritime Heritage Centre. For more information call Janice 250 923-6368.