Turkey lunch kicks off Christmas at Carihi

The meal was prepared by the Carihi Cafeteria program, which is taught by Chef Jessica Mann

Who are these turkeys? A teachers rock band performed at the annual Carihi Christmas lunch on Wednesday. There was also a talent show.

Carihi celebrated the holiday season this week with a lunchtime turkey meal and talent show on Wednesday.

The meal was prepared by the Carihi Cafeteria program, which is taught by Chef Jessica Mann. Students in the program learn skills for making food in a professional setting and serve it in the cafeteria every day, providing affordable and delicious food for students and teachers. The Christmas meal included 30 turkeys, roasted root vegetables, stuffing, peas, gravy, cranberry sauce and to finish off the monstrous meal, pumpkin pie. Its sponsors include Community Links, Sysco and the local Steiner Bakery, who are providing all the bread.

“It is the only turkey dinner some students will get. It’s an opportunity for the whole school to get together,” said Mann.

Following lunch, students and teachers took the stage in performances ranging from singing and acoustic guitar to dancing troops and a band of teachers.

At 7:30 p.m. that evening, the Carihi band put on a concert for the Carihi community. It was an excellent showcase of talent within the school.

All proceeds went to Bear the dog.

The whole week has been full of celebration, from dress up days to free hot chocolate at lunch, scattered between last minute tests.

Despite this, students are eager to start winter break. Whether they are spending time with family or travelling, the holiday is much needed.

Upon returning in January, the students will be thrown into a whirlwind of exam prep and new courses.

Look out for a future issue on exams and stress.