Learn how to save your veggie seeds.

‘Tis the season for saving seeds

Workshop will cover all the basics of saving high-quality vegetable seeds

Interested in saving your own seeds for next year’s garden? Learn how at the next Lettuce Grow workshop on Sunday.

“How to Save Your Own Veggie Seeds” will be led by Robin Sturley, co-founder of Edible Earth Seeds, from 10 a.m. to noon, September 15 at North Island College. The workshop will cover all the basics of saving high-quality vegetable seeds including tips and tricks and a chance to try winnowing, screening and decanting seed cleaning techniques. Participants will also take home regionally-adapted seeds for next year’s garden.

“This workshop will teach people how to save seeds to grow the same vegetable variety next year that’s just as delicious,” says Kira DeSorcy, Lettuce Grow lead instructor. “Say yes to nurturing that heirloom variety of squash!”

Not all seeds produce healthy offspring, DeSorcy warns. “Many hybrids and genetically-modified plants do not yield viable seeds, so people who want to save seeds from their vegetables for the next year should only buy open pollinated seeds,” DeSorcy adds.

“Edible Earth Seeds will teach people about saving vibrant, untreated, regionally-adapted seeds through organic techniques for seed saving used in the Cowichan Valley,” says Sturley “We are committed to ensuring bio-regional food sovereignty through the stewardship of heirloom and traditional vegetable, herb and flower varieties.”

For more information, or to register for a Lettuce Grow workshop, please visit http://www.nic.bc.ca/continuingeducation/  and search for GENI 7937 or visit your local campus.

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