Take a walk among Coronation Park’s regal trees

Alistair Taylor’s Daily Walk in the Park visits Coronation Park

Day three of Alistair Taylor’s Daily Walk in the Park sees the Mirror editor take a lunch break among the tall trees of Coronation Park on Alder St.

The name raises the question: Whose coronation? We’re going to assume, given the age of the city, that it was Queen Elizabeth II’s coronation that is being commemorated. This park just past Second Ave. in an older part of town.

It’s a beautiful little neighbourhood park with tall, mature trees and a peekaboo view of Discovery Passage, Quadra Island and the mainland.

Like all the neighbourhood parks, it’s a great place to grab your lunch and get out of the office on a work day. Get some fresh air.

UPDATE! jcheckbroer on Instagram tells us that the “Coronation Park Subdivision was created/gifted (with the promise to leave the trees) by Lily Thulin and named in honour of Queen Elizabeth’s coronation which occurred in 1953. The beautiful trees are over 65 years old. We live on Coronation Cres and love the park.”

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