Students at École Mer-et‐montagne spend the day cleaning up our shoreline. Above

Students clean up shoreline

École Mer-et‐montagne school do their part in keeping the environment clean

As part of Environmental Week, students, staff and parent volunteers of École Mer-et‐montagne school made their way down to the shoreline at the bottom of Rockland Road to do their part in keeping the environment clean.

Members of the local RCMP detachment escorted the students as they walked from the school to the shoreline.

Through various classroom activities, the students were educated on what they might find on the beach.

Students in Norbert Ntalintumire’s class separated the trash into distinct categories in order to get a better idea of exactly what is polluting our waters. More than 1,000 pieces of trash were found along the 1.3 kilometres of shoreline walked by the students.

Fourteen pieces were cloth, 30 were metal, 36 were glass, 102 were paper, 140 were styrofoam and 640 were plastic.