Ken Blackburn and Heather Hughson of the Campbell River Arts Council, present Colleen Evans, city councillor with the final three banners of the Canada 150 banner project. Photo by Jocelyn Doll/Campbell River Mirror.

Street banners completed for Canada 150 in Campbell River

Banner 148, 149 and 150 were completed this week for the 150 banners for 150 years project put on by the Campbell River Arts Council.

The last three banners were created by the Young Professionals of Campbell River and youth groups at Campbell River Family Services.

“This is such an important project because it allows for youth, children (and) students to be involved in the creative process,” said Colleen Evans, city councillor. “For many of them this may be the first time they have been involved in something that is a team experience and just to be able to see their work installed in the city is really quite something.”

The arts council does a banner project every year, but in order to reach 150 they had to complete double the amount of banners that they usually do.

“It’s been quite a process of getting all the school kids and local artists and community groups all engaged, they all embraced it,” said Ken Blackburn, executive director of the Campbell River Arts Council.

The city provided funding for the project and the council also got grant money from the Canada 150 Fund.

“On behalf of city and council we just think this was a great investment and a great 150 project for the community,” Evans said.